Rochester Gauges name change to Rochester Sensors


Wavre, 14th of July 2023

        Rochester Gauges International S.A. officially becomes Rochester Sensors S.A.

After a commercial name change to all the sites of the Rochester Group; the official company name change for the Belgium entity is now also effective, registered as a legal entity by the Belgian authorities.

Company registration number, VAT and bank details remain unchanged.

Part of a multinational company, Rochester Sensors, has also implemented a new logo that you will start seeing on administrative and commercial documents.

 About Rochester Sensors Group :

Rochester Sensors, with US corporate headquarters, is a manufacturer of gauges and sensors for the industry, offering multiple technologies enabling the measure of liquid levels from various density, temperature and pressure.

Amongst others, Radar, Capacitance, Reed Switches technologies widely used by major OEM’s complete our traditional highly reliable mechanical gauges; allowing local autonomous content information with multiple options for remote monitoring of various tanks and containers (pressurized or not).

Market segments covered being as wide as residential and commercial LPG tanks, forklifts, RV’s, lawn and garden equipment, agriculture tractors, construction equipment, marine boats & engines, personal aircrafts, compressors, automated tank monitoring and coolant level for next generation electric vehicles.

Leader in the industry, our mission is to measure critical liquids & fuels, including Propane, Ammonia, Gasoline, Diesel, Coolant, high temp (HT) Oil and Refrigerants for many different applications.

Rochester has manufacturing facilities in Coppell, Texas; Mexico City, Mexico; Wavre, Belgium, Warwick, UK and sales office in Shanghai, China. Rochester was acquired by Renovo Capital in 2018.